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As you follow the atmospheric evening trail ContourLight, you will fall for the charms of the historic centre of Mechelen and discover the visual power of contemporary light artworks – artistic visions conjured up by national and international artists using a whole range of light sources, from neon to LED. These artworks give a new dimension to places where history has left its marks: streets, squares and gardens.
Click and discover the work of:

  Luc Coeckelberghs (BE)
  Jan van Munster (NL)
  Erki De Vries & Tim Vets (BE)
  Pieter Vermeersch (BE)
  Kris Verdonck (BE)
  Mischa Kuball (DE)
  Stefaan Dheedene (BE)
  Brody Neuenschwander (US)
  Oleg Yushko & Anna Sukolova (BR)
  Mario Airò (IT)
  Lea Lagasse (FR)

Luc Coeckelberghs (BE)
Lighthouse, 2005-2009

(LEDs, Perspex, synthetic fabric, a computer; 390 X 280 X 800 cm)

Lighthouse bursts with light and colour. This geometrical construction has walls of perspex and synthetic fabric and is elegant and austere as the 16th century city palace to which it relates. On the outside it is a radiant white, but visitors can also go inside, where they will experience different but equally intense colour every minute. The LEDs produce 16, 777, 216 different shades .
Location: Hof Van Busleyden (courtyard)

Jan van Munster (NL)
Circle of Energy, 2009

(steel, Perspex, LEDs, computer; diameter: 600 )

High above the houses the artist has installed a circle that appears to be about to roll away from the roof terrace of the former hospital across the street. By day it’s an elegant silvery grey form that radiates calm. At night it comes to life in a whirling glow of blue, green and red, symbolizing the energy of the city.
Location: Goswin de Stassartstraat (Sint-Elisabethziekenhuis storey roof)

Erki De Vries & Tim Vets (BE)
Photuris, 2009

(metal wires, halogen bulbs, small motors and a computer)

Photuris is the scientific name of a kind of firefly. In the garden of what once was a hospital, now smothered in weeds, tens of will-o’-the-wisps roam about and dance; perhaps they are the restless spirits of generations of townspeople. Visitors can get an overall view and enjoy the spectacle from the fire escape which gives onto the garden.
Location: Ovamsite courtyard

Pieter Vermeersch (BE)
Red, 2009


Embroidering on the name and fame of this establishment, the artist creates a kind of mural in which he knots together shades of red light. The Royal Manufacturer De Wit cleans, conserves and restores tapestries. It is housed in a historic building, the Refuge of Tongerlo Abbey, founded in 1484.
Location: Schoutetstraat (Manufactuur De Wit courtyard)

Kris Verdonck (BEL)
Syncope, 2009


The body of a giant floats face down in the water. It moves slightly, but one can hardly distinguish whether this is the result of his breathing or the turbulence of the water. The image is ambiguous: both dead and alive, serene and swollen, blissful or cadavrous/perhaps dead drunk. Who is this creature? Who has dumped him here?
Location: ‘t Groen Watertje / Green Water
With the support of the Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (VAF)

Mischa Kuball (DE)
Walk and Talk, 2009

(spots, revolving mirrors, voices, red carpet)

Kuball likes to make hidden aspects of the city visible by means of small changes. Here he discovered the so called Klapgat (chat hole), a dark alley where many inhabitants not only walked and talked but also enjoyed fleeting episodes of love. Kuball creates a stage where spots and sounds circle around in search of the lovers.
Location: Klapgat
Realized by PFL (Lille, BE)

Stefaan Dheedene (BE)
Sun-Lite, 2009

(portable torch, computer-controlled)

A portable torch constantly follows the position of the earth in relation to the sun. It moves slowly through the church and on the way touches on the vaults, sculptures and paintings. The beam has the power of pure daylight.
Location: St Rumold’s (in the choir between the altars)

At the back of the church there are two other artworks which form part of the exhibition ‘All that is Solid’

Brody Neuenschwander (US)
Projection of quotes about towers

Quotes about towers are projected onto the vast slate roof (side towards the Grand Market Place), using laser beams and a specially designed moving calligraphic font. When the bells fall silent during the night hours, the laser installation takes over their time-keeping function.
Location: roof

Oleg Yushko & Anna Sokolova (BY)
Corridor, 2009

(steel and power LEDs)

This is just a fragment of an endless structure. It’s not a bridge, but a corridor, a strip between two territories, between city and nature. The urban environment echoes in the pattern of the bars and in the waves of light that touch the water of the small canal, thus building up a metaphorical passage between petrified architecture and dynamic, ever-changing water.
Location: Melaan (behind the Church of the Friars Minor)
Realised by Trilux and Steurs Metaal

Mario Airò (IT)
Stella Ofelia, 2009
(wisps of UHP light)

There is new life in the river. Green streamers appear and try to stretch out their feelers ever farther. They softly bob up and down in the gentle surge and draw attention to the charm of the place. On the left is what was once the Refuge of Villers Abbey, on the right three façades that tell the story of architecture in the 16th and 17th centuries.
Location: in the river

Lea Lagasse (FRA)
Sign, 2009


Lagasse hides subliminal messages in ordinary neon signs. As the dysfunctional neon starts to flicker, the spectators wonder what they are seeing. The message becomes ambiguous, just like the darkness of the night. The vivid red refers to the seamy side of nightlife. It’s the red of the harbour bar and of the ace of hearts. It’s a beacon for the wandering night-owl.
Location:(‘De Cirque’ facade