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An organisation of Cultuurcentrum Mechelen and Contour Mechelen vzw. With the support of the Flemish Community, Cera Partners in Art, LLS 387, deBuren, Vidi-Square en Escautville

25.01 > 06.04.2014

Contour On Tour: video art in the Flemish Parliament.

De Loketten is a monumental space in the House of the Flemish Representatives. In this space, the Flemish Parliament pursues an active exhibition policy in which contemporary art plays a prominent role.

The Flemish Parliament has presented prior exhibitions which focus on specific media, such as 'Design Icons in Flanders' (2003-2004), '6+ Antwerp fashion in the Flemish Parliament' (2007) and 'Screen Worlds: Contemporary photography in the Flemish Parliament' (2008). The current exhibition, 'Contour on Tour', highlights video art in Flanders.

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21.03 > 11.07.2012


Contour is the co-ordinator of 'Moving Stories', an international co-operation project supported by the European Union (part of the European Cultural Programme 2007-2013). With co-organisers from Italy, Austria, Germany, France and Poland, Contour has produced 6 new works of art in 2009-2010. They all recount a moving image story - each in its own way. For this project, Contour selected the upcoming Belgian artist Nicolas Provost.

The participating partner organisations are exhibiting the works in 2011.

Together with their organisations, the 6 selected artists will investigate new forms of narrative art with moving image. The results will lead to a publication.

Contour presents its partners:

2009 > 2011

Nicolas Provost: Without title

ContourLight - Circuit of light art.

Circuit of light art. From dusk to midnight. Part of the festival 'City Visions', Mechelen's city festival.

ContourLight lives on. The city of Mechelen has acquired The Circle of Energy' by Dutch artist Jan van Munster. Goswin de Stassart street is now permanently illuminated at night by a circle, radiating dazzling blue, green and red light.

21.03 > 21.06.2009


PASSAGE - European network for young artists

Cjour, nOna, O.L.V.-Gasthuis (Mechelen) & Beursschouwburg (Brussels)

Students from 10 different art colleges in eight European countries have been working on one and the same theme: the relationships between moving image and performance. They have submitted their proposals for short films, installations and performances. After the preselections a jury has selected around thirty talented young artists to participate in Passage.

11.01 > 24.02.2008



Busleyden & Lamot Mechelen

In the summer of 2006, Contour Mechelen vzw manifested itself in the public space with four outside projections at two special venues in Mechelen: the garden of the Hof van Busleyden (cosy summer bar included) and the Lamot building, visible from the Vismarkt.

opening at 21:30

Blood, Sea - Janaina Tschpe > Hof van Busleyden
Three Minutes - Anri Sala > Lamot

opening at 21:30

The Ich-Manifestation - Su-Mei Tse > Hof van Busleyden
NO ROAD - Wim Catrysse > Lamot

28.07 > 01.10.2006


Blood, Sea

© Galerie Catherine Bastide - Janaina Tschepe